Free 1st phone consultation 

If you are unsure about whether I can support you with your difficulties, you can contact me for a first informal conversation and we can decide together whether it could be helpful to arrange a first therapy session to further assess your needs.  

Face-to-face or skype sessions 

I offer face-to-face as well as online sessions, as I acknowledge that for some people who live far, have busy schedules or are unable to travel, it might be easier to be more flexible, having online sessions. 

Therapy sessions 

During our first session, I will explore with you what brought you to    therapy and what you would like to achieve during our work together. We will then agree on a number of sessions (usually between 8-12), which we will review once this number of sessions is reached. 

I offer sessions to:

  • adults

  • children

  • families

  • couples


About Systemic Family Therapy

In Systemic Family Therapy we look at individual difficulties in a more relational way. This means that we are also interested in how individual difficulties might be affected or affect the individual's important family and other relationships.


According to the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy): "Family therapy encourages change and development, and the combined resolution of family conflicts and problems. The focus is on how families interact together, emphasising the importance of a functioning family unit for psychological health and wellbeing."

According to AFT (Association of Family Therapy), "Systemic family therapy has been found to be effective for children's and adults' difficulties, both when individuals have acquired a mental health diagnosis and when there is more general or complex distress. It is effective across the lifecycle, spanning developmental stages from under fives to old age. Working therapeutically with individuals together with their families and/or significant others enables the use of individuals’ relationships as a resource, and reduces stress and difficulties for all family members".